Website Optimisation

We cover many aspects during this process. This phase starts after the business analysis stage of the SEO process.

We ensure the keywords recommended by us and chosen by you will generate the most search traffic with the least amount of competition.

After detailed analysis of your website we carry out:

  • Title Tag Optimisation -Title Tags are the most important on-Page SEO elements. Title tags must resemble the pattern : Primary Keyword, Secondary Keyword - Brand Name
  • Description Tag Optimisation - If your meta description is semantically in line with the content on the web page, ranking of your website will improve eventually.
  • Keyword Tag Optimisation - Help to improve the keyword density for better results.
  • Internal Pages Meta tags - Unique meta tags using targeted keywords must be made for each web page that balance the ranking of all keywords.
  • Image Tag Optimisation - Ensure, image file name and image alt text includes your target keywords.
  • Tags Optimisation - Internal linking helps search engine crawlers better index the importance of each page just like wiki.
  • Content Optimisation - In today’s SEO, content is key, so it must be updated wherever required.
  • H1 Tags Optimisation - H1 is a HTML tag normally used to mark headings. When your keywords are used in H1 tags, they carry more weight and have a positive effect on your site rankings.
  • Keyword Density - Need to check the keyword density to optimise the content.
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup - It’s a very powerful tool that lets you track your website errors, and also helps with indexing and crawling.
  • Bing/Yahoo Webmaster Setup - Helps to verifiy the errors and provides option to submit a sitemap for getting all pages indexed.
  • Google Analytic Setup - An important tool for an SEO campaign to track the performance of SEO work and website results. This tool provides complete detail of each visitor along with their location etc.
  • Optimisation of html Sitemap - Sitemaps are also readable by users. They help user and search engines to understand all links to services and pages.
  • Optimisation of sitemap.xml - Sitemaps are an important way through which search engine crawlers communicate with different pages of the website.
  • Optimisation of ror.xml - A ROR sitemap helps search engines to index pages with title tags and keywords. It helps to produce quick results.
  • Optimisation of urllist.txt - This file helps with better indexing on Yahoo/Bing.
  • Optimisation of info.txt - This is helpful for indexing and registering on Alexa and other local search engines.
  • Robots.Txt - Before a search engine crawls your site, it will look at your robots.txt file for instructions. This is then used to tell it which pages its allowed to crawl (visit) and index (save) on the search engine results. Robots.txt files are also useful, if you want search engines to ignore any duplicate pages on your website.
  • Rich Snippets - is the term used to describe structured data markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page.
  • Favicon - an icon associated with a particular website, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser for accessing the site or next to the site name in a user’s list of bookmarks.
  • W3C validation - Markup validation is an important step towards ensuring the technical quality of web pages.

On Page Optimisation Y Y Y
Title Tags Optimisation Y Y Y
META Tags Optimisation Y Y Y
Robots.txt Creation/Optimisation Y Y Y
Sitemap.xml Creation Y Y Y
ror.xml Creation Y Y Y
urllist.txt Creation Y Y Y
info.txt alexa & business directories Y Y Y
Anchor Tags Optimisation Y Y Y
H1 Tag Optimisation Y Y Y
Content Optimisation Y Y Y
Images Optimisation Y Y Y
Hyperlink Optimisation Y Y Y
Google Webmaster Tools Setup Y Y Y
Bing Webmaster Tools Setup Y Y Y
Google Analytics Setup & Integration Y Y Y
Local Map Listing Y Y Y
Google Business Page Creation Y Y Y
Local Bing Map Listing Y Y Y
88 Google Data Center Submission Y Y Y
Dmoz Submission Y Y Y