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We love blogging here at Brighton SEO so we have created a blog to tell you about what we are up to and what the rest of the world is up to in our sector. We would love to hear from you if you would like to contribute in any way shape or form.
Our blog posts found here will discuss aspects of website design including latest advancements, industry news and our latest projects.

CSS Templates For Modern Websites

The small assortment Mashup Template supplies free templates as HTML/CSS, Sketch, and NPM. The design is very up to date and definitely worth a look.

Mashup Template: Promo Freebie From The Group of

Mashup Template is side project of the team of the website builder, which is reasonably widespread so far. As we have discovered from InVision, the simplest solution to increase attention considerably is to give out helpful goodies. Templates have been THE goodie to hand out for many years.

Mashup Templates: Landing Web page. (Screenshot: Noupe)

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How Do You Create A Timeless Web Design?

The thought experiment that CSS Tricks' Chris Coyier came up with is an interesting one. How do you create a timeless website design for a website that is meant to last forever?

By the Way, the Website Has to Run Unchanged For 10 Years!”

Have you ever considered this? I am going to admit it, I have not. Chris Coyier asks himself, and us, how a website has to look when the client desires to run them without any changes for a minimum of ten years. Looking at the constantly stabilising best practices, this query may not be that uncommon sooner or later. Let's have a look at which results we can come up with together.

Chris Coyier lists totally different designer types that may react to the fictional client's uncommon request in very different ways. At one end of the spectrum, there's the designer that deems any sort of format and design pointless and believes that a simple HTML text is absolutely enough. On the other hand, there are the designers that will decline the request straight away.

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40 Excellent SVG Tools And Dozens Of Icon Sets

On one hand, the internet is changing into a more and more visual platform, and even the shortest of texts are supported by photographs. On the other hand, we have now to pay a lot of attention to loading times, to be able to prevent us from scaring off guests, or Google. With the development of the responsive web, a 3rd element was added: a graphic's capacity to handle completely different resolutions.


SVG image materials, also called scalable vector graphics, is the solution. Small file sizes and a versatile adjustment to the screen measurement are given here. We now have compiled the prettiest online tools and icon sets.

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Simple Tips For Optimising Video On Websites

Video on websites has become a common aspect that is typically used purely for design functions. It's a factor that should be optimised for performance.

Too Much Eye Candy: When the Website Turns Fatter

We complain about loading time. Guests vanish after a couple of seconds without pixels. We discuss if we can squeeze the last little bit of air out of our image material. After which, we go ahead and put a video into our website's header area, and even set it as a full-display background. Hero videos are one of the newest trends in the design panopticon.

Videos don't only waste bandwidth as a ineffective background component, although. Even with tutorials or image movies, it's worth keeping some tips in mind, so as to preserve your website's loading time. It's not a secret that the average website is becoming heavier. Based on HTTPArchive, the average weight has reached 3.061kb, whereas the value was about half a megabyte less a year in the past. Another 12 months previous, it was one other half MB less.

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Quickly Uncover Image Theft With Copypants

Who does not know this? You use your own selection of images on your web site. Others like them too, and out of the blue, your picture is being passed around. Copypants helps you protect your property.

There Are A number of Providers Against Image Thieves

There are many providers that aid you to find image thieves. The easiest method is feeding your photographs to the Californian image search and asking it to search for its application areas. This works just superb, nevertheless it's pretty inconvenient and takes a while.

Other companies work automatically, however a few of them demand some excessive prices. One factor I actually like about the new service Copypants from Vancouver, Canada is that the Canadians do not just discover and report. They provide further support also. But let's begin at the start.

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