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How the Right Web Design Helps With SEO

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The importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been linked to content formation and designing for quite some time now. Making sure that the content you put up on your website is SEO friendly has become one of the top objectives of businesses looking for greater exposure. However, it would be a mistake to restrict the importance of SEO to content only. When designing a website, the businesses like to keep in mind factors such as user-friendliness, up-time, and its ability to capture the user’s attention. While all of these are essential to the success of the web design, it is important to give due consideration to SEO at this stage as well.

Any SEO Consultant Brighton / Worthing will be able to tell you how the search algorithms affect the visibility of a company’s website. Keeping yourself updated about the recent changes in the algorithms and updating your website’s layout or design according to them is essential in today’s world. Here are some of the ways in which the right web design can help your business with SEO.

1.      Optimising the Images

A common mistake made when designing the layout of the website is to ignore the importance of optimizing the images. Alt tagging the images on your website design will help you gain more visibility across search engines. Moreover, it is important to avoid using images that are too large.

2.      Constant Updates

Regular maintenance of your website includes updating the information shared. Adding new keywords that are useful in terms of the algorithms of search engines as well as putting new information about your offerings is also necessary.

3.      Looking for the Right URL

The domain name that you decide on affects your visibility across the different search engines. If you want your website to show up on local searches, use geographic information in your URL.

4.      Focus on Making it Mobile

With the constant introduction of devices, making your website, mobile-friendly has become extremely important. This is because more and more consumers are now using their mobile to carry out searches. Hence, it is essential that your website design is responsive to mobile users in an efficient manner.

5.      Avoid Content Blocks

Some websites incorporate restricted access to the content with the help of using blocks. The use of such blocks should be avoided as such websites do not rank well on search engines. Make sure that your website ranks high when it comes to accessibility.

6.      Lower Load Times

Sites that take too long to perform are penalized by Google which is why it is important to address the performance of your website’s server. Pay attention to the factors that result in slow performance of your website and fix them as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

Gaining increased exposure for your website is extremely important if you are looking to develop a stronger presence in your business. This can only be done by keeping in mind SEO while designing the layout of your website. If you are currently working on designing your website, or plan to update it, you should give all these tips a go to get better results.

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