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Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes that Businesses Make

Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes that Businesses Make

Ranking at the top on the Google can benefit your business in numerous ways. And the only way you can effectively do that is through a streamlined SEO campaign. Most businesses are only determined to run their business and to attract customers, their only goal is to take their business a step further.

These business owners do not know right SEO tactics. That is why their website does not rank on top and their brand remains unknown.

Social media experts suggest that in current time, business owners prefer the online and traditional way of doing business. However, they commit common SEO mistakes frequently that hinder their success significantly.

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3 Steps For Mobile SEO Success - Forbes

Over the next twelve months, Google will be rolling out their mobile-first index, and eventually moving it to be their primary algorithm for search engine results. What does this mean? The short version is that if your brand isn’t presenting well on mobile devices, your SEO campaign is hobbled.

This development shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone - after all, over 60% of search engine queries are submitted on mobile devices. That number is only growing as mobile devices, apps and friendly websites become more robust, useful and affordable. The effect of this is that brands must migrate to where their customers are. Just as you wouldn’t pick a brick-and-mortar location that wasn’t popular with your audience, if you ignore mobile marketing and advertising, your customers will pass you by in favor of more available and visible brands. This applies to every industry, from the more obvious e-commerce brands to lawyers and safety training companies.

If you’re worried about getting left behind, it’s okay! There’s still time, and the sooner you get your mobile presence in working order, the better. Here are three steps you can take to achieve mobile SEO success:

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How Long Will Keyword Research Remain Relevant In SEO? - Forbes - Forbes

How Long Will Keyword Research Remain Relevant in SEO?
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Keyword research is often the first thing you do when planning a new SEO campaign (or auditing an older one). It provides the skeletal framework for a campaign, and for years has been a mainstay tool in the SEO expert’s belt. But over the past five years or so, keyword research has undergone some interesting evolutions, becoming less relevant in some ways and fundamentally changing in others.

If this trend continues, or if we see another major leap forward, could keyword research become totally irrelevant for SEO?

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What To Do When Your SEO Campaign Fails - Small Business Trends

It can be very disappointing when your SEO campaign fails. You spend time researching your area, your topic, drafted your content and then wrote this incredible piece. You even worked outreach, with emails being sent to the right people, pitches sent, tweets, all of it. And then, nothing happened. You didn’t get any shares, no links came back to you. Nothing.

Unfortunately, a sad truth in our industry is that plenty of SEO campaigns will fail eventually, for various reasons. It is just a fact that all marketers have to deal with. Not every campaign that you launch is going to be an enormous success. But just because your campaign wasn’t massively successful doesn’t mean that it was necessarily a failure.

To quote Len Schlesinger, “Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience.” If your SEO campaign does indeed fail, then it’s time to get over your disappointment and work out what went wrong in order to do better the next time. Learn from the experience so that all of your time and effort doesn’t go to waste and so that you can get your campaign back on track.

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