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5 Areas To Deliver Big Results In E-Commerce

When it comes to e-commerce search engine optimisation at scale, most of the conventional techniques used for on-site optimisation merely aren't possible. How are you going to put in writing individually optimised titles/meta descriptions for 1000's of products? How are you going to carry out keyword research for the hundreds of thousands of various keyword combinations your merchandise would possibly rank for? Because of the massive scale of many e-commerce websites, conventional WEB optimisation tactics may simply be too time-intensive or tedious to make a top priority.

On top of the time dedication that will be required for conventional SEARCH ENGINE optimisation, e-commerce websites are likely to present a novel set of SEARCH ENGINE optimisation hurdles that have to be addressed. Take crawl budget, for instance. For an average website — something under just a few thousand URLs — crawl budget is not a difficulty, as these websites will typically be crawled effectively.

However, we have labored with e-commerce sites that have tens of millions of URLs. For sites that large, crawl budget turns into a crucial part of search engine optimisation. Having perfectly optimised pages is way less important than ensuring all of your products are being crawled and listed by the major search engines.

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How Long Will Keyword Research Remain Relevant In SEO? - Forbes - Forbes

How Long Will Keyword Research Remain Relevant in SEO?
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Keyword research is often the first thing you do when planning a new SEO campaign (or auditing an older one). It provides the skeletal framework for a campaign, and for years has been a mainstay tool in the SEO expert’s belt. But over the past five years or so, keyword research has undergone some interesting evolutions, becoming less relevant in some ways and fundamentally changing in others.

If this trend continues, or if we see another major leap forward, could keyword research become totally irrelevant for SEO?

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