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Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes that Businesses Make

Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes that Businesses Make

Ranking at the top on the Google can benefit your business in numerous ways. And the only way you can effectively do that is through a streamlined SEO campaign. Most businesses are only determined to run their business and to attract customers, their only goal is to take their business a step further.

These business owners do not know right SEO tactics. That is why their website does not rank on top and their brand remains unknown.

Social media experts suggest that in current time, business owners prefer the online and traditional way of doing business. However, they commit common SEO mistakes frequently that hinder their success significantly.

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Guide to Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

how to switch from http to https

In recent time, Google has made it one of their priorities for the internet to be a safer place. The easiest way they can do that is to gently push website and business owners to secure their websites with trusted SSL certs. i.e. HTTP to HTTPS.

This useful infographic produced by On Blast Blog might help you with the process of migrating HTTP to HTTPS.

Credit: On Blast Blog

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SEO Underused, Social Media Still Too Complicated For Small Businesses - MediaPost Communications

Only 17% of small business owners will invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) in 2017, 26% admit to having a Web site with only one page, and 43% say they have no plans to change or improve their online presence this year.

A joint study between David Ricketts, innovation fellow in the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University found that only 54% of small business owners report that they are confident their company's online presence performs well, despite the small number of owners who are embracing online marketing. Small Business Digital Trends Report surveyed 300 small business owners to learn how they use online channels to grow their businesses -- from dentistry to contractors, and artists to welders or dry cleaners, and retailers with ecommerce sites.

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