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How You Can Use #YouTube to Boost Your #SEO

youtube seo

YouTube was steadily growing for years, and now, it has become a widely watched social website. A survey reveals that around 500 hours of visual content uploads each minute on the platform.

There is no denying that the search giant Google favors YouTube and shows a video or two when you are looking for specific information.

It indicates that you can use social medium to boost your SEO in no time. Additionally, you can reach the masses if you learn the SEO tricks as half of the website’s streaming comes from mobile viewing.

1.     Use Description Box

YouTube features description box and if you have not used it yet, start crafting long descriptions under your visual content. Feel free to provide as many details as you can as it allows 5,000 characters. You need to come up with original content for every video.

It makes easier for search engines to comprehend your content and it will rank your video to the search queries accordingly. You should use the space to optimize your keyword effectively. Here are some tips on writing a description of your video like a pro.

  • You should include keyword 2 – 4 times.
  • Incorporate keyword into the starting paragraph, preferably in the first 20 – 25 words.
  • Keep the description at least 800 words long.

2.     First 150 Characters of a Description

You should utilize first 150 characters, to make the most of the description box. The description must be engaging and optimized. That is also a great way to reach on search rankings without putting in significant efforts. Plus, you can insert links to a website or other channels (if you have).

3.     Use Tags

You can take help from tags to increase SEO ranking. Various YouTubers have done to appear on top of the search ranking. You can use target keyword as a first tag. Plus, you should include variations of the particular phrase or word to get the maximum advantage.

Moreover, incorporating tags based on the other topics in your video can work well for SEO. Make sure to use keyword or tags that allow YouTube and Google to learn what you have covered in the video. It is worth noting that tagging your visual content can take it to sidebar area of the YouTube as well.

4.     Say Keyword

YouTube can transcribe a video automatically. Not to mention, their copying is accurate. So when you say or specify the keyword in your video, YouTube will hear it. As a result, YouTube will get the idea that your video is related to the specific term you just mentioned.

5.     Title of Your Video

You should also incorporate the keyword into the title. YouTube allows at least five words long title for your visual content. This space is enough to place your keyword without stuffing it. To give SEO a quick boost, you should keep the target word at the beginning of the title.

Bottom Line

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