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Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes that Businesses Make

Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes that Businesses Make

Ranking at the top on the Google can benefit your business in numerous ways. And the only way you can effectively do that is through a streamlined SEO campaign. Most businesses are only determined to run their business and to attract customers, their only goal is to take their business a step further.

These business owners do not know right SEO tactics. That is why their website does not rank on top and their brand remains unknown.

Social media experts suggest that in current time, business owners prefer the online and traditional way of doing business. However, they commit common SEO mistakes frequently that hinder their success significantly.

In the light of this, here are some SEO mistakes that you should avoid:


The titles of articles, blogs, or web pages play an essential role in SEO. Social media marketers recommend opting for descriptive titles in this context. This way, the search engine will learn about your page. Moreover, an entire SEO community agrees on the fact that title tags are necessary for optimization. Therefore, you should begin with descriptive titles and refrain from single word title tags such as “welcome.”

 A descriptive title will provide an idea about the page of your website and it will get a chance to go atop on the search engine. Also, keeping the similar title for distinctive pages is one of the common SEO mistakes that business owners make frequently. To attract Google search engine web crawlers, you should come up with distinctive and SEO friendly titles tags regarding each page of your website.

Splash Pages

Many people prefer splash pages as home pages for their business website. There could be various reasons that encourage them to do so including attracting the visitor. There is no doubt that the graphics or animation used on the splash pages sometimes forced us to enter the website.

However, not all splash pages are mobile-friendly and there are chances that user might leave the page. SEO specialists consider it as a non-effective strategy as these pages do not always contain enough content. This way, your website cannot reach the certain level of the search engine. Therefore, before designing a splash page, make sure it provides information about your website if you wish to rank top on a search engine.

Creating a Flash-Based Website

A well-prepared website has the potential to convert a visitor into a customer. That is why many business owners consider investing in this regard. Moreover, they decide to design flash-based websites over regular ones as their products appear more interesting this way. However, heavy flash-based websites cannot turn out to be fruitful until you have a flash SEO professional to handle it and make sure search engine can read it.

Bottom Line

To avoid basic SEO mistakes, it is suggested to hire SEO consultant Brighton and let him do the job for you.


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