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5 #SEOStatistics for Small Online Businesses in 2018

SEO statistics 2018

Setting up a website for a small business is as essential as chalking a business plan. The website plays a significant role when it comes to reaching the target audience. There is no denying that millennials only place an order after searching a certain product or service online. You have a prominent chance of attracting potential buyers to your website.

However, you will need to stay on top of the Google search results. Small business owners are advised to learn SEO techniques in this context. The statistics of adequately incorporated SEO tricks are fantastic and you can receive jaw-dropping outcome in a short time span.

1.     Google for Small Business

Google receives 79% search traffic amongst all search engines. This indicates you can target audience interested in your niche on Google effectively. Thereby, you need to opt for sound SEO strategies. Using content to achieve the milestone seems as smart move.

You should provide useful information in SEO optimised articles or blogs to reach the masses. It is worth noting that 63,000 searches are made every second on the search giant. As a result, it is highly likely that your website will also appear in the search result.

2.     Length of Content

50% queries that Google receives contain four words indicating that a searcher is looking for something specific. You should provide detailed content as it ranks better on Google. The first page of the search engine contains up to 1,890 words, which are good enough to produce quality content.

3.     Mobile-Friendly Website

It is evident that mobile phones have rapidly taken over desktops. The stats show a majority of the Google searches are made via mobile. It will be beneficial for your startup business if you build a mobile-friendly and a responsive website to facilitate the searching time of the users. Your ranking will continue to suffer if you won’t incorporate techniques that enhance searchers online experience.

4.     Attract Consumers to Visit Your Store

Small businesses need both regular traffic and visitors to the store to thrive in the industry. It may seem a time-consuming process which you should try dealing via Google. According to a survey, 72% locals search a place online before visiting a store.

You should make the most of the option not only at initial level but even after establishing your place on the market. The traffic on your website will allow you to maintain your presence on top of the Google search result whereas the visitors of your shop will take your small business to the next level successfully.

5.     The Significance of Local SEO

You will be delighted to learn that “near me” searches have increased up to 200% on the Google in recent years. Providing accurate information about your location can take your small business two steps ahead, as this technique will help local consumers find you. You are suggested to learn local SEO to get benefits extensively.

Bottom Line

Small business owners can get massive support from an optimized website. Contact Digital Marketing Agency Brighton and let us work for you.

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