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Guide to Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

how to switch from http to https

In recent time, Google has made it one of their priorities for the internet to be a safer place. The easiest way they can do that is to gently push website and business owners to secure their websites with trusted SSL certs. i.e. HTTP to HTTPS.

This useful infographic produced by On Blast Blog might help you with the process of migrating HTTP to HTTPS.

Credit: On Blast Blog

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7 Quick SEO Wins For ECommerce Sites

Thousands of sites are promoting the same product as you.

How can you differentiate your site and be one of the top sites listed?

The following are 7 issues you are able to fix to get the leg up over your competition.

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How 301 Redirects Can Influence Your Online Business

People often don't care a lot in regards to redirecting when they are about to launch their first web site. But their life can get tough fairly rapidly. The time might come when you must learn what 301 redirects are and how you can use them. In this article, we attempt to answer the most typical questions that concern the 301 redirects and their contribution to your web site's success.

What 301 Redirects Are?

The principal motive for utilising 301 redirects is to assist the major search engines to find your new web page and to index it. If used correctly, 301 redirects are a reliable way to ensure that your new page gets even larger rankings than the previous one. And for positive rankings, you need 301 redirects to stay in contact with your prospective visitors. That is crucially important in case your web site has undergone structural changes. 301 redirects point out that the change is permanent and that there isn't any coming back to the previous version (in contrast to 302 redirects, see the chart).

Creating a New URL for 301 Redirects

When you consider applying 301 redirects, then you could figure out what your new URL ought to look like. The following steps should to be enough to help you with choosing the new URL and facilitate the whole redirecting process.

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7 Ways To Boost Traffic And Leads

When it comes to property estate agents, the competition is numerous.

As the proliferation of online actual estate agents and services continues, it's becoming harder for established and skilled companies to get the recognition they deserve.

Since the internet is the first place most home buyers and sellers look, it's essential for highly motivated property sellers to establish a powerful online presence and appear among the top results of an internet search.

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