The following reports are generated throughout the SEO process. These provide you the client with clear, useful feedback on how your SEO project is performing. In fact all our clients express a certain enjoyment when the weekly reports start to show real progress in gaining top page search result rankings on the major search engines.

  • Keyword Research Report
  • Detailed SEO Analysis Report
  • On Page Recommendation Report
  • Initial Search Engine Ranking & Traffic Report
  • SEO Implementation Report
  • Work status report - Weekly
  • Activities summary - Weekly
  • Keyword ranking report - Weekly
  • Campaign performance analysis & recommendation - Monthly

We have provided a typical breakdown below of some of the key metrics that we deliver to each client weekly. Typically there are six report sub headings in a weekly report however we have only included three below as an example. The report is a real one and we have blurred out anything that is sensitive.

The report summary is what it means. It simply details what has been done the week previous.

Weekly Summary Report

The keyword ranking report provides a very useful snapshot of how each keyword is performing on Google compared to the previous weeks. We have not had any negative trends to date in this report. We mark movers in green to highlight changes in position of keywords. The report also states what page of Google your website appears when someone searches for your targeted keyword.

Weekly Keyword Ranking Report

The social bookmarking report details how many submissions, to what websites, URLs and keywords that have been used.

Weekly Social Bookmarking Report